This week Brandi might have picked a real winner in the war for her heart. We head to Florida where the new guy, Michael, is stopping at the ATM to make sure that he has enough money before his evening on the town.

Michael heads to the inside ATM for his local Wells Fargo branch, puts his card in the machine, enters his PIN and waits for his dough. Then what happened to him is what every person hopes would happen when they go to the ATM, more money comes out than you wanted it to. SCORE! Well, not in Michaels case. He didn't want the extra money. So what did he do? He started punching the machine.

Of course, he had to explain to the cops why he was punishing the machine for him taking too much money out. He will have time to explain the situation as he makes restitution for the $5,000 worth of damage that he managed to do the machine.

  • Don't get mad at having extra money; you can spend it on Brandi.

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