Is it the Pagan god of hipsters?

Everyone needs to have their picture taken with it. Of course it's in Beacon, right?

What is this thing and why is it here? There seems to be no shortage of strange sights here in the Hudson Valley.

I'll never forget the time I was snowmobiling and came within about 6ft of a large and majestic moose. It's been several years since that happened I may never see another one again. This may be the next best thing.


If you've taken a stroll in downtown Beacon there's no way you could miss the giant moose standing in a vacant lot. At any given time you'll see several Hudson Valley residents snap a photo with the 9 ft tall oddity, What is this thing? Who put it there?

According to a stone displayed near the moose, it's called the Beacon Moose and it's an art project by Alberto Bursztyn made from Hudson River driftwood.

I'll never quite understand it but I love this thing.

Mystery solved.

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