This weeks edition of Brandi's Future Husband takes us to Virginia Beach, VA, where we find what can only be a 'nice' guy named Steven. Now Steven was in a long term relationship with the person that he thought 'was the one.' Steven even went out of his way to plan an elaborate proposal, including buying an engagement ring that cost him $1700.

Why is this guy on Brandi's radar? Steven went out of his way to plan all of this, only to get dumped, right before the proposal. He has decided that the ring has brought him sadness, so he wants it to bring someone joy. He knows that he had to save to buy the ring, so he wants to give someone else the chance to use his ring. He and his friends are taking videos from people who want to get engaged, but they are unable to afford a ring.

Brandi thinks that she would be a good person to receive this ring, of course, she wants to go on a few dates with this guy first to see if he really is the one. Do you need the ring or know someone else who could benefit?

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