This weeks edition of Brandi's Future Husband takes us to Seattle, Washington. Is this the guy for Brandi? Or should she continue her search?

Dan Smith is really mad that there is a rental car parked at his condo. He doesn’t know who parked it at his place on May 17, but it he knows that it wasn’t one of his tenants. So he reached out to the company, gave them two hours to come pick up the car, when they didn’t, he started to charge them $65 a day in storage fees, He also put a fence up around the car and is charging them $300 for the fence and up to $500 for “harassment fees.” Because having the car on his property is apparently a traumatic experience.

He tried to have it towed, but none of the local tow company's would tow it, because he doesn’t have a sign stating that cars will be towed if they are parked there. For now, the car is still parked there with the fence around it and the car company has reached out to the police to get it back.

Dan is leaving it up to the police for now, but ultimately he wants the parking spot back and to remind residents that they just can't park where ever they want to.

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