If you've ever spent a day in Manhattan, you know that there's no way this math adds up.

Refinery 29 has a new segment called Money Diaries where they track people's spending habits. They recently tracked a young woman interning in New York City and things didn't seem to quite make sense. The girl prides herself on living off of $750 a week in the most expensive cities in America.

After a little more explanation behind her bills and expenses we figured out that her parents pay for almost everything and she even gets a monthly allowance from her grandfather of over $1,000.

Her rent for a single bedroom apartment is almost $2,000 which her parents pay for. She's currently a student so she has no loans to pay off. She is also on her parents, insurance and cell phone plan. She even mooches off their Netflix account.

It's awfully hard to call this girl independent.

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